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          University of Minnesota



          Currently Funded Projects

          1. Comprehensive Network State Inference for Policy-Cognizant Spectrum Access (NSF-EARS?1343248, 2013-2017)
          2. Tenable Power Distribution Networks (NSF CyberSEES 1442686, 2014-2017)
          3. Smart-Grid Powered Green Communications in Heterogeneous Networks (NSF 1508993, 2015-2018)
          4. Stochastic Power Control and Learning for Energy Grids (NSF 1509040, 2015-2018)
          5. Learn-and-Adapt to Manage Dynamic CyberPhysical Networks (NSF?1711471, 2017-2020)
          6. High-Dimensional Parameter Self Optimization in Wireless Networks (Huawei Inc., 2018-2019)
          7. Adaptive Diffusions for Scalable and Robust Learning over Graphs (NSF CISE-CIF Medium 1901134, 2019-2023)


          Contact SPINCOM
          SPINCOM: (612) 624-9510 | 499 Walter Library, 117 Pleasant Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
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